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NewsTech December 12, 2012 0

Google has unveiled its annual Zeitgeist, a look at 2012 through the collective eyes of UAE residents on the web, offering a unique perspective on the year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted in the UAE.

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We speak with Ari Kesisoglu, Managing Director for the MENA region at Google, about his outlook on the future of e-Commerce in the region.

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Salim Akil, founder of talks to Joumana Saad about the challenges of setting up shop and the potential for this startup’s future.

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There have been mixed reactions with Internet IPOs from companies such as LinkedIn, Groupon, Zynga, and Yelp in recent years, with not all of them having a successful start. With Facebook’s high initial market capitalisation, the initial share price set in the IPO are seen by many analysts as... Read more
Findings from a survey undertaken by leading independent digital marketing agency, Greenlight, indicate that Google+ might be more successful than most have initially speculated and that Facebook could potentially capture close to a quarter of the search market globally were it to launch a search engine of its own... Read more