Top business devices for your SMB

Etisalat announced the launch of a new Business Devices program offering SMB customers a comprehensive range of latest office devices at zero upfront cost and easy installment plans

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An interview with John Lincoln

An exclusive interview with John Lincoln, Senior Vice President, SMB, Etisalat. A noted strategic and operational marketing professional, he’s a published business author and an expert on delivering large scale revenue objectives.

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John Lincoln, author of ‘Connect The Dots’ shares a chapter from his new book where he draws personal lessons he’s learned throughout his career.

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John Lincoln’s Connect The Dots offers practical advice to aid SMEs in their day-to-day operations.

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Cash flow

FeaturedOperations August 27, 2012 0

John Lincoln provides the third and final part of his “Cash is king” series, in which he discusses the strategies and tactics of managing your cash flow.

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du’s John Lincoln takes us through what this marketing element means beyond the single customer aspect dimension model.

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Acquiring that all important finance
In this second instalment of a three-part series, John Lincoln, Vice President, Enterprise Marketing, du, discusses the multiple financing routes available to startups and established SMEs. Most people have heard of bank loans, credit cards, friends and family, and venture funds, as possible sources of funding. However, there are... Read more
The SME Advisor Stars of Business Summit 2011 was held on the morning and afternoon prior to our Awards and proved as much a hit with attendees as last year. We decided to bring even more added value in terms of speakers and subject matter discussions, whereby hot topics... Read more
Cash is king
In the first of a three part series, John Lincoln, Vice President, Enterprise Marketing, du, talks to us about the importance of planning, funding and managing cash flow for small businesses. In business and in personal life, cash is the life line for most of the things we do.... Read more