The Knowledge Without Borders project has invested in the opportunity of participating in the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival 2012 (SCRF), which kicked off on 23rd April and continues through the 2nd of May. The event brings together 200 publishing houses, Arab and foreign, where the project’s book selection committee visits the festival and previews samples of books that have purchased in the first seven days of the festival. All-in-all 33 thousand books will be on display in Arabic, under the directives of HE Sheikha Bodour Bint Sultan Al Qassimi, Head of Knowledge Without Borders.

Mr. Rashid Al Kous, Project Manager, Knowledge Without Borders, said : “Since the home library offered to families includes within its content children’s books, SCRF is a good opportunity for us as a project to get up to date releases directed to the children’s – titles of short stories, educational, science fiction, and so on, that were published after the Sharjah International Book Fair in November 2011, and to provide the latest versions to the leaders of the future where these copies will be distributed with the libraries that the project will be providing during its next phase.”

“The books selection committee asked the publishers to give the children and young people books special interest, and that is to close the gap that we are facing for this certain age group, because the project organising committee gives this certain age group much attention and hopes to provide the best of books for this age group,” Al Kous added.

The project aims to expand the reading festival from a place for reading books  to a meeting place for literacy and knowledge, in an effort to establish Sharjah as the cultural capital of the UAE.'

Joumana Saad

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