The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division (CCCP) in the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai will launch a business classification index based on consumer-friendliness during the second half of 2012. The index aims at improving service quality and competitiveness for stronger relations with consumers, and protecting their rights in line with DED’s strategic objective to enhance the ease of doing business.

Omar Bushahab, CEO of CCCP, said: “The classification is based on four key criteria: the number of complaints received from consumers against a business establishment (20%), the time taken by the business to resolve complaints within four working days (20%), the product pricing in the business establishment in comparison with competitors (20%), and customer satisfaction levels (40%).”

“The business classification index will focus on a number of key sectors such as automotive and electronics along with major retailers in Dubai. The index specifically targets to classify businesses that have a substantial stake in the local market so as to benefit the maximum number of consumers,” added Bushahab.

Omar Bushahab, CEO, Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection Division (CCCP)

The Department of Economic Development will hold introductory workshops with the owners of companies and establishments covered by the classification to introduce the criteria, and elicit their views in order to make the process as accurate and comprehensive as possible. The final results of the classification will be announced during the last quarter of 2012.

“CCCP is co-ordinating with a specialised international company for the development and supervision of the index to keep the classification process independent and transparent. Businessmen and shop owners covered by the classification will benefit from this process as they will have a reliable benchmark to work towards achieving the highest degree of service quality and customer satisfaction,” said Mohammad Lootah, Deputy CEO of CCCP.'

Michael Byrne

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