Taking the lead

are you leading your SME to success – or just hoping for the best?

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The importance of entrepreneurship
Over the years, the University of Wollongong Dubai (UOWD), one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the UAE, has produced a group of young and promising entrepreneurs. They have also proved their commitment to supporting their students by working in close collaboration with businesses and initiating activities... Read more
Building Brand Qatar
Identifying an “untapped” resource in tourism, Qatar is laying the foundations to diversify from its carbon controlled economy. Support is strong as the largest operators from Hilton to Starwood, vie for prime positioning across the country but with huge increases in supply and a high concentration of corporate guests.... Read more
A record of achievement
The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) has rapidly become established as one of the leading dedicated trade hubs in the GCC, fulfilling the vision of its Executive Chairman, Ahmed Bin Sulayem – as well as having true ‘landmark’ status with its home in Almas Tower, one of the 10 highest buildings... Read more
An increasing number of SMEs are looking to delegate a large portion of their operational procedures to external companies, in other words, outsource key functions to trusted partners. While this allows SMEs to concentrate on their core business activities, does it take away from the company’s culture? And, what... Read more
The Western Union Business Solutions team brings us an update on the movements in the three major currencies the USD, GBP and EUR to help you trade better in the month of July. USD The Dollar and its big rivals should continue their manhunt for a compelling catalyst during... Read more

From CFO to CEO

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With some of the largest fossil fuel resources in the world, and the likelihood of a thaw in international relations, can the sleeping giant now begin to exert a powerful influence on global markets? What would be the impact of this new order on local economies and trade? Vicki... Read more
It’s a commercial reality that the majority of businesses will benefit from an injection of capital at some time in their life cycle – whether to seize fresh opportunities, develop new capabilities or reach fresh, rewarding markets. Plus, a company will find it easier to ‘wait out’ a challenging... Read more

In this era of globalisation, national borders are fast disappearing with trade being the engine for growth. One crucial aspect of trade is the exporting of goods and services.

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