Mastering talent management
Happy employees are vital to a company’s productivity, profitability and competitiveness. That’s why implementing sound strategies to protect and nurture your ‘People assets’ can mean long-term growth and progress for your business. In the following feature, we outline top policies to consider in the New Year… It may very... Read more
Corporate tax and VAT in the UAE

We ask global expert Nilesh Ashar, Partner, Head of Tax, KPMG in the UAE…

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Understanding the smart city concept
Leading cities around the world are using data generated on a range of mobile devices, sensors and smartphones to improve the quality of life of their residents by providing better connected services across healthcare, transportation and education. In addition to boosting interconnectivity, development and industrial intelligence, such smart technology... Read more
Innovation for Industrial SMEs

As a new design driven innovation approach gathers momentum across the world, it means that industrial SMEs are now better equipped than ever to deliver excellent performance.

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Thinking outside the box
In an exclusive for SME Advisor, Industry expert and Founder of Enritsch, Stefan Ritsch talks about his aspirations for the ‘three wins’ – his company, its customers, and the planet… According to a 2014 study by Nielsen, 55 per cent of global online consumers across 60 countries said they... Read more

As we approach 2016, does your business have a plan for the new year?

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Social media framework in the UAE

What are critical areas to consider and check points to have in place? Legal experts from Clyde and Co. share insights…

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The GCC Railway Network

The GCC is now embarking on one of the largest modern cross-border rail networks in the world. We present an overview

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Innovative customer service

Dr. Ashraf Mahate emphasizes the importance of customer service and explains how it can help spruce up your bottom line

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Procurement strategies for an SME

We present top procurement strategies that can help boost your SME’s productivity and profitability

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