Where to draw the line

News December 12, 2010 0

The arrival of the world recession brought with it revelations of irresponsible spending as well as excessive corporate corruption. The result has been a united global clamp down to ensure past mistakes are not repeated. Walaa Al Qasem and Marie Grace Seif of Al Tamimi go through the dos... Read more

Setting the standards

News December 12, 2010 0

Although, price is important in the purchasing decision making process it is only one factor. Another very important and often neglected element is the product quality. In today’s competitive export market a producer has to meet the requirements of its customers consistently as well as to anticipate future needs.... Read more

Crystal gaze

Operations December 12, 2010 0

Changes in how people and companies will work in the next ten years are the focus of a recent study conducted by researchers from the Xerox Innovation Group.  Dan Smith, General Manager for Integrated Marketing, Xerox MEA (DMO), identifies leading trends that will affect knowledge workers in the future.... Read more

Shift to innovation

News December 12, 2010 0

A new study by global management consultancy shows that a majority of GCC business leaders plan to put a much higher emphasis on innovation in the year ahead. The research notes a shift from the traditional approach of importing innovation to its home-grown creation. PRTM’s report, co-authored by Dr.... Read more
It does not make sense to take out a mortgage to buy a pair of jeans nor to buy a house with your credit card. When it comes to business it is not difficult to find resembling examples of a mismatch between assets and finance. Short-term finance for long-term... Read more

The fantastic finalists!

News December 5, 2010 1

The SME Stars of business Awards was held last Sunday not just to celebrate the winners, but more importantly to celebrate the entire business community in the region. With over 3,500 audited nominations competition for an award was certainly fierce. To be shortlisted as a finalist in any category... Read more

Best of the best!

News December 1, 2010 2

Audited by Morison Menon and concisely evaluated by our judging panel, all the finalists in each category went through a rigorous process. We take a look at the 22 winners from the awards and provide an insight into what gave them the edge over their fellow finalists. The SME... Read more
This is the last award under the category of  Business functions. The award for best Best technology implementation goes to: Sage Software Middle East “I accept this on behalf of my team who have made our success possible.” Read more
Still under the category of  Business functions. The award for best Incredibly innovative approach goes to: Heels & Deals “Its fantastic for us to win this award. The last couple of years have been a real challenge. We do what we do to support other female entrepreneurs and so... Read more
Our next section of the awards deals with business functions. Within this we dedicated particular attention to three areas which we felt deserved to be highlighted for both their cutting edge business approach and invaluable contribution to the growth of the SME sector. The award for the best Effective financial... Read more